Now days the children doing woundaful when they are at secrete place. Most of them practicing what the adult doing such as acting love, marriage and sometime they act as a workers.

Childrens developes their mental by copying from the environment. One philosopher said "all children are born with the same mind and actually are good but they change by copying from the environment".

Remembe,most of the children learn from their parents, so what the parent doing is what the childrens learn. The report shows that only few children has their behavour apart from their parents.

Therefore the parents should try to show good behaviour infront of their children. Forexample, the parent should not doing the sex infront of the children with the age from 4 years, fighting, using abusive language and many other behaviour that can lead into moral decay of the children.

All in all the parent should be responsible to provide sexual education to their children when the children reach the age of maturity without looking whether the religion or culture are not allow them.

Through providing education, it can help to reduce some problems that may face them since they become mature with educatio that would be the tools of fighting or facing some challenges.


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