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There are many ways of employing yourself and starting earning enough money. Self employment can be online or working in different vacancies, self employment includes personal trade, animal keeping, agricultural activities and many other activities that can help you to earn money.

Today we shall look some activities or how we can employ our self online and offline; means through other activities apart from online activities.

Starting with online employment, most of the people use  or spends allot of time for nothing. The following are some techniques that can help you to earn money online:

  1. Starting or creating a blog; this is among of the way of earning the money online, where you will use your time and Internet data to create and designing different content. After a few days you will monetize it either through AdSense account, infolink, sea bait, propeller ads and many other ways of monetizing your blog including selling online products
  2. Creating YouTube channel; this is the same with blog, the difference is that, mostly blog deal with writings while YouTube channel deal mostly with videos, but all of this you can monetize it through different ways including placing ads through AdSense account.
  3. other ways are through bit coin of different kinds and many other thing to do online. Never waste your time for nothing.
Another ways of employing yourself and earning money is through different activities including;

  1. Agriculture activities; here someone can start a garden or any other agricultural activities that will be suitable for you, and later on you will start earning a money by selling your commodities or product.
  2. Other way is through livestock keeping; this include both animal like cows, goat and bird like hen and many other like that, where like agricultural activities you will start earning money from your animals and bird by selling its' products.
  3. Also other activities to do is like: starting m-pesa, tigo-pesa, airtel money, Hallo-money etc, starting or opening hotel, opening salon etc.
Dear, do never west your time complaining to the government, this complain will be helpless to you. Only thing to do is to be innovative.


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