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Hi, most of the people do asks more questions themselves without receiving or geting an answer on how to get free data for internet.

But to day I will show you different ways of receiving free data for internet.

1.Starting with the offer from different network.
 -Most of network do providing free data for internet. Forexample in Tanzania, Tigo network provides 50MB everyday for Facebook and other offer.

You can check other offer by dealing *102*02#. Everyday.

But also VodaCome network providing free data to their customers everyday, this is through
-VodaCom providing more than 100048GB everyday to their customers, this bonus provided for those who vist the vodacom website frequently and through adding voucher into your sim card.
Most of the people ignored the massege for vodacom bonus, but it is real that it provides free data

For more bonus from VodaCom deal *149*01#  and check your offer every day

Also Halotel did the same with Tigo and VodaCome, To see your bonus of free data for Halotel deal *102*01# or *102*02# or *102*03#

The last network is TTCL, AIRTEL, ZANTEL etc, this networks also provides free data through different ways, therefore vist its' website or option frequently to check your offers.

2.Through Wi-Fi, Most of the time some area there are free Wi-Fi but, Most of the people do not check it. For those who using smartphone you should check your Wi-Fi frequently inoder to beneft from wife.

3.Other ways is through "Hotspot". In some organization, institution or group of people do left their "Hotspot on" so you have to shere by open your hotsport and start enjoying free data.

There are many ways of geting free data for internet but today enjoy those which I explained above.


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