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AFYA: CHANJO YA EBORA | Ijue Ebora Na Dalili Zake .... | Health World Organization | Symptoms Of Ebora

Health World Organization (WHO) and the democratic of Congo government to day they started the plan of testing the clinical antibodies against ebora.
WHO announced that has identified more than 500 people who are nearly of the victims of this diseases may be the first to have those clinical antibodies
For the first time this clinical antibodies alive in Congo at Wednesday the last week.
There were three eruption of Ebora in DRC since it happen in 2014-2016 in West Africa.

                Symptoms of Ebora.

-High fiver, bleeding and destruction of never system
-The spread of this diseases is about 90% but now is approximately to 50%
-This disease takes 20 days to mature.
-It has no prevention no treatment.
-The help service and prevention of losing water in the body is helpful for the victim to recover.
-It predicted that bat is the one which carries those viruses


_The investigation which was done last year about ebora’s antibodies shows it can prevent the _human for almost one year.
_This investigation was published on magazine of “England journal of medicine” which was conducted in Liberia and involves 1500 victims.
               _ Those who was get this antibodies they succeed to get the prevention for a one year.
_All of those antibodies shows that can be helpful in the coming days.
Ebora killed more than 11000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and guinea, for the eruption of this disease in that year of 2014-2015.


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