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Tense refers to the relation between the time of speaking and the time in which the event took place.

Tenses can be grouped into three groups which are:

I. Present tense
II. Past tense
III. Future tense.

A. Present tense: is used to express the events that occurs at the time or present time.
The present tense also is grouped into four groups which are:
Simple present tense,
 For example; I eat ugali every day, He teaches English

Present continuous tense,
For example; I am studying English, They reading very faster etc.

Present perfect tense,
  For examples; I have closed the door,
She/he has finished its assignment etc.

Present perfect continuous tense
I have been teaching English for years now,
They have been waiting for English course.etc

B. Past tense: it is used by speaker to refer things or event which were done before the time of speaking.
The past tense grouped into four groups which are:
Simple past tense
For Examples; I taught English course,
I wrote a latter to my wife.etc.

Past continuous tense
For Example; I was teaching English course last year,
They were learning English course. Etc.

Past perfect tense
For example; I had taught English course last week,
She had a baby when she got married. Etc.

Past perfect continuous tense
For example; I had been teaching English course for two years before I went to U.S.A
She has been learning English course for a long time

C. Future tense: This refers to the tense which express event or things that will occur later or in coming time.

Future tense can be grouped into the following group.

Simple future tense.
I will teach English course,
Yanga will defeat Simba. Etc.

Future continuous tense.
I will be teaching English course,
They will be studying English course. Etc.

Future perfect tense.
I will have been taught English course,
They will have been leant English. Etc.

Future perfect continuous tense.
I will have been teaching English course,
They will have been learning English. Etc.

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By Mwl. Mapato Sigumwe.


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