THE STRANGE WOMAN IN MY MATRIMONIAL BED. ...(written by Mapato sigumwe

My husband walked into the house looking dull....No hug, no kiss, no hello!
"He must have had a very rough day" I thought to myself
"Afterall, Abuja to Ijebu-Ode is a very long journey"
He went straight to His room, without uttering a word. (Dennis and I had separate rooms.) Though, we were free to sleep together in any of our rooms, I allowed him to rest and slept in my personal room instead.
By sunrise, I had prepared his favourite meal and set the table. Dennis came out of his room, fully dressed ready to hit the road.
"Hi Honey, hope you had a restful night?" I tried to engage him...He just nodded grudgingly, but did not say a word.
"Oh! How I miss his soft touch and his romantic style of greeting...the way he calls my name, kiss my face, and sometimes he gently lifts me off the ground"
Whistling, he simply carried his briefcase, picked his car keys and zoomed off without even tasting my food or saying goodbye. I was perturbed and dumbfounded. "What is wrong with this man?.... In our 8 years of marriage, I have never seen him like this. This is so strange!"
I managed to put myself together, as my son was already late for school. I served junior his breakfast and we set out for school.
On getting to school, I realised that I had forgotten the school's bank teller at home. It was a new term and we needed to pay school fees. After sending the boy to his class, I went straight to the Admin block to pick up another teller, so as to pay my ward's tuition.
"Good morning, madam Bridget, how may I help you ?"
"Good morning Mr Nelson.. Pls I need another bank teller so I can pay my son's tuition. I left the previous teller at home."
"But madam, didn't your husband tell you?"
"My who?...My husband??... tell me what??"
"Madam, your husband was here yesterday around noon, he requested for a bank teller and made instant payment by transfer to our bank. He settled all your child's bills.
"Whatt!!!....You mean my husband was here yesterday?"
"Yes madam, he even spoke to the HM, you can confirm from her."
"Mister Nelson, Are you okay at all? Do you know what you are saying?
"Yes Madam...Wait, let me quickly get you the details"
"Mister Nelson, you must be out of your mind! Why did you give him the teller, without directing him to me? Don't you know that I am the one responsible for making payments? Why didn't you call me to notify me first? You must be very stupid to commit such a blunder"
Gosh! I was very furious, I wanted to literarily tear him apart. I knew that His ignorance & negligence was going to cost me. Only that I didn't know that it would cost me everything.
By this time, I had created a big scene in the school. Teachers/staff ran towards us from every direction. The shouts of "madam sorry", "take it easy ma" filled the air.
I wanted to quickly do a damage control...I pulled away from the crowd, opened my bag, pulled out my phone to call my husband but his iPhone was switched.
While I was standing there, thinking of the next step to take, A call came was My husband's Travel Agent. He called to inform me that my husband had cancelled our flight and our travel plans for vacation (a seven nation tour around Europe). My husband has also asked that my passport be withheld until further notice. (He gave me the information in confidence)
Just when I was lamenting about my shattered dream of a sweet vacation with my husband....
My bank Account officer's call came through, She informed me that my husband had pulled out from a major international business deal. The deal was at the final stage and my husband had earlier promised me that he would fund the project 100%. (I wanted to just enter the ground.)
Not quite five minutes after, My husband's car dealer also called to inform me that my dream car would no longer be delivered as planned.
OMG! The bad news were just too much for me. Suddenly, My bones grew weak, my voice was gone, and my throat was very dry. (I thought I was having partial stroke)
I left the school premises feeling totally exposed /naked, dejected and heart broken. I sat down in the car and wept bitterly.
I didn't realise that The little foxes can really mess up the big vines. My secret sins have finally caught up with me.
....What little foxes? What secret sins? Find out in Part 2.
Continued in part 2. (Find below)

Part 2 (The secret is out)
"Sitting in my car, even with the air conditioner set to the lowest temperature, I was sweating profusely."
"I cannot forget in a hurry how I allowed my bestie, Tega, to brainwash me with her sweet talks. She often told me how she makes a lot of money (off her husband) from the house keep allowance, house help allowance, school fees, NEPA bills, estate security/maintenance bills, even at every opportunity she gets. (She calls it.. extra income for the "Super-Smart Big Gurls")
Ever since Junior entered primary school, I made up my mind to become a super-smart big gurl....Since, I the one in charge of liaising with the school and sorting out everything about junior's academics. It was very easy for me to cut corners. My husband usually sends the money to my account, He sends whatever amount I ask him to send for school fees. (Since he works outside the city and only comes home fortnightly)
While our son was in Primary 1 & 2, on many occasions, I collected up to 4 times the total amount requested by the school from my husband.
Now that our son is in primary 3...My husband called me to send details of the school bills to him. Even Yesterday morning, he asked me to confirm the details again to him via SMS or chat. He promised to send the money, latest today by 12 noon.
Though the total bill was just about one hundred thousand naira, I sent inflated figures to my husband, requesting for a sum of about half a million naira (about  5 times the real value.)
My husbands totally trusts me and doesn't have any reasons to doubt me until now.
Eventually, I managed to put the car back on the road. (Though I wasn't if I was the one driving the heart was racing)
On getting home, fidgeting, I went to my husband's room...there, lying on his table, I found a note written in my husband's handwriting:

"Yesterday, I came home much earlier than you expected. I wanted to surprise you with a piece of property (a multilevel building) that I just acquired for you in central district of Abuja... Infact, I purchased the property IN YOUR NAME.
While I looking for a safe place in your room to put the building documents, I stumbled on junior's school bill for this term. I also noticed that you have clearly doctored the bill. I didn't believe I gave you another chance to tell me the truth (when I asked you to confirm the bill again via chat, yesterday morning) but instead, you sent me exaggerated figures again.
I was forced to trace the school yesterday afternoon, just to confirm what you sent to me (Hoping that I was wrong about you)....only to discover that what you sent to me is way over and above what the school actually require.
I can't believe that I have been living with a lying woman and a cheat. How am I sure that the one I call Junior, is even my son? When I get back to town, we will go for a #DNA #test."
That was when I realised what Jesus meant when he said: "it is finished" marriage of 8 years was completely finished!
I had betrayed my husband's trust. How would I ever earn his trust again?
Even if he forgives me, Can he ever trust me again? Can I say I still have a marriage? Can this marriage still work?
I want all women (single & married) to learn from my story. No matter the freedom or freehand you are given...pls #don't #abuse #it.  It is the little foxes (of lying, hiding things) that spoil the vine of good relationships/marriage.  Be faithful, loyal, open, truthful, and straight forward with your partner, in all things and at all times. You may not cheat by having extra marital affair but I hope you are not cheating in some other underground or silent ways?
Pls kindly share on all women platforms. (Tag the women in your life)
I look forward to reading your comments.
Thanks for reading through.


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