The Tanzanian Children’s Fund works to ensure that all children and families in the Karatu region of northern Tanzania lead healthy and productive lives and have the opportunity to become positive agents of change for their country. In order to achieve our goals, TCF provides a loving and permanent home for 97 marginalized children at the Rift Valley Children’s Village. TCF also recognizes that the best way to promote the well-being of all children is to provide access to high-quality education, free healthcare, and microfinance trainings and loans to the entire community. Our innovative, multi-pronged approach to addressing systemic poverty is what has enabled us to have a deep impact and catalyze real and lasting change.

Use your secondary school leadership experience to join our team and help support the students and teachers at Gyetighi Primary School and Oldeani Secondary School. 

As our Education Director at the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV), you will be a member of our senior staff and will be the primary contact for RVCV with the two schools that we co-manage with the District Government, Gyetighi Primary School and Oldeani Secondary School. You will act as the point person for all parts of our management contract with the goal of making Gyetighi Primary School and Oldeani Secondary School the top schools in the region and ultimately top performing schools in Tanzania. In this pursuit, you will fight to raise the standards of education, ensure that all students in our community have the opportunity for a first-rate primary and secondary education, and improve the school environment in order to attract the best teachers.

Although our Education Director is the primary contact for leadership at Oldeani and Gyetighi, the Education Director will spend most of his or her time and energy focusing on Oldeani Secondary School, while supervising an Assistant Education Director who will focus on Gyetighi.

The Education Director and Assistant Education Director will work in concert with the Tanzanian school leadership and teachers to establish a rapport with the faculty and identify the greatest needs at both schools. Understanding that Gyetighi and Oldeani are impoverished, rural, government schools, and working in partnership with the Head Teacher, the Education Director will coordinate, facilitate and/or create teacher trainings, curriculum supplementation, and administrative schedules to help address these issues and concerns.

The specifics of this job include but are not limited to:


  1. Act as the liaison and main contact with Oldeani Secondary School.
  2. Supervise the Assistant Education Director and collaborate with them regarding management of Gyetighi Primary School.
  3. Attend senior staff meetings at RVCV as schedule allows.
  4. Work daily at Oldeani (and Gyetighi as needed) and report to both the Head Teachers and the Director of the Children’s Village.
  5. Establish a rapport with all the faculty at Oldeani and Gyetighi to identify challenges facing the schools.
  6. Serve as a mentor to faculty members by modeling instruction and using a classroom observation system to provide constructive feedback about teacher instruction, classroom management, assessment, etc.
  7. Coordinate teacher trainings to address the needs of the students and faculty. When able, include the faculties of nearby primary schools, Oldeani and Meali, in these trainings.
  8. Identify areas of the curriculum that can be supplemented for the betterment of the students.
  9. Evaluate current instruction methods and work in concert with the Head Teacher to introduce strategies that include teaching to multiple learning styles, incorporate creativity into daily lesson plans, encourage independent thought from students, etc.
  10. Create a system to best utilize the limited resources (textbooks, etc.), as well as identifying resources that can be purchased to improve overall quality of education.
  11. Along with the Head Teacher: Monitor staff work performance and handle staff management issues, Evaluate applications and conduct interviews to hire new teachers, Evaluate and develop school systems and procedures related to student and course schedules, teaching assignments, discipline, assessments, etc., Plan and implement teacher appreciation events, end-of-semester closing ceremonies, graduation, Parent’s Day, etc.
  12. Conduct interviews and selection process for annual selection of Student Teachers.
  13. Oversee Children’s Village’s programs at the schools including but not limited to: Student Teacher Program (along with Assistant Education Director), RVCV sponsored teacher performance, RVCV Volunteer teachers, RVCV Sponsored Athletic Program, RVCV Sponsored Extracurricular Clubs and Activities, Monthly Teacher bonuses


  • Commitment to service
  • Secondary school leadership or curriculum development experience
  • Minimum of two years secondary school teaching experience
  • Valid teacher’s or administrator’s license/certificate
  • Ability to engage children, faculty, and volunteers
  • Ability to live in a rural, remote area
  • Strong team-building skills and interpersonal skills
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience with ESOL/TOEFL or teaching in a bi-lingual setting helpful
  • Native English speaking ability
  • Knowledge of Swahili helpful
  • Overseas working/volunteering experience helpful
  • 2 year commitment

  1. $1,000 monthly stipend
  2. $2,000 airfare allowance/year
  3. Room and Board including private apartment, all meals, internet, local phone, and housekeeping support; transport to town as needed.
  4. Health insurance for term of service
  5. Required visas and permits for employment
  6. One month (28 days) annual leave per year of commitment




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