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Job vacancies JWTZ 2018 and Trainings.....

 The Tanzania People's Defense Force (JWTZ) announces the positions of Registration of Human Resources and Other Medicine Areas.
      These positions are provided to increase the number of medical practitioners who will provide health services in our Hospitals, Health Centers and Disasters according to current and future needs. Respondents are the ones who are responsible for: -
a. Dentist - Dental Surgeon
b. Caucasian - Specialist Neurasurgeon
c. Chemistry (Chemisist)
d. Assistant Technology (Laboratory) - Assistant Laboratory Technician.
e. Clinical Assistant - Assistant Clinical Officer.
f. Hospital Secretary -
g. Memory Assistant. Medical Records (Certificate)
h. Doctors - Medical Doctors.
j. An Nurse - Registered Nursing Officer.
k. Modular adhesive equipment for treatment - Bio Medical Engineer.
l. Clinical Assistant (Certificate).
m. Assistant Technology - Laboratory Assistant (Certificate)
n. Mfamasia - Pharmacist (Degree)
o. Practical treatment provider - Physiotherapist (Diploma)
p. Assistant Nursing Assistant - Assistant Nursing Officer
The qualifications for registration are: -
a. It is a citizen of Tanzania for birth.
b. He is 18 to 28 years old except a specialist
c. Have good health and good health.
d. He has a good character and good discipline
e. He has never been convicted of criminal charges in court and imprisoned.
f. They have a Original Birth Certificate, School Certificates and Academic Certificates (Transcript & Academic Certificates).
g. If the Doctor has completed the internship and certified certificates as well as registered by the Board.
h. He has not served the Police Force, the Prison, the Academy of Training or the Specialist for Anti-Prohibition.
       Members of the qualification mentioned and required to join the Tanzania Defense Force's population reported at General Abdallah Twalipo, Mgulani Dar es Salaam on 17th December, 2018 from 1.00am in the morning.
Applicants with Original Certificates for birth and subjects should also rely on travel, food and accommodation.
In addition, candidates and registration staff will be given various training courses and will continue to develop in their profession. As the Responsible Responsibilities are given, they will give them the challenges and opportunities to use their professionals.
The Tanzania People's Defense Force (JWTZ) announces the positions of Registration of Human Resources and Other Medicine Areas.

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