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The government has said that this year it intends to employ new 6000 teachers of Science and mathematics Studies where the permit to hire these teachers has already been eliminated.

In addition, the Government intends to send 11,000  arts teachers who have been teaching secondary schools to teach basic schools in order to address the shortage of teachers facing primary schools in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister's Office of the Regional Regions and LGAs has called for education.The caller said yesterday in District Chemba District, Dodoma, speaking with staff from the Department of Basic and Secondary Education from the Council.

The Government Statement follows the statement by the Chief Executive Officer of the Chemba district councilor Josephat Ambilikile told the Deputy Minister that the Board of Directors has 808 shortage of teachers 1628 who are required to teach at 103 existing schools in the district.

Mr. Waitara emphasized that the Government from this year will be employing teachers every year to cover retired teachers and to cope with the shortage of pupils in primary schools due to parental responses to send their children to school following the five-year government decision providing free education.

"Presidential President Dr John Pombe Magufuli has already agreed that employers with a permit have been withdrawn so 6,000 teachers of science and math studies as well as 11,000 teachers who are teaching teachers in secondary schools will be sent to teach primary schools," He said

Deputy Prime Minister's Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government responsible for the education of the United Nations. Calling Waitara to visit the Board of Directors soon
In addition to expressing the efforts of the government to increase the number of teachers, the Deputy Minister asked teachers who teach science and math studies to discourage students when teaching students the lessons instead of using simple techniques so that pupils can easily understand the lessons.

"We expect Teachers to use simple techniques as they teach the students so that the students will love the lesson," he added:

"Even the study of books for teaching these subjects needs to be re-examined as children run away from science and math studies, since how these books are causing children to enjoy science and numeracy studies," said Itara.

Another point he addressed to the Deputy Minister is the low level of achievement shown by the Dodoma Region, particularly the Chemba district in the national class of the seventh class and the fourth quarter, where he requested education practitioners in the council to develop strategies that will improve education in the district.

"If you call 10 districts that are wrong in achieving Segregation is 10th for the results of the seventh class, sit down with a strategy to improve your district findings, the key strategies should integrate all levels from the district, district, border to ward," he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also criticized recent trends in some of the education practitioners involved in stealing exams where he ordered that if a teacher participated in a robbery of robbery councils to take action because the act reverses the development of the country's education.

According to Mr. Waitara warned the behavior of some of the unfaithful actors in the councils to use contrary to the government's budget funding plans for supporting the infrastructure of the school.

"The money is for the construction of a hostel to receive and to build a hostel, as well as money to buy school furniture to get and go to buy school furniture, if you touch education funds contrary to government directions we will deal with you," warned Waitara ;;

Earlier the Deputy Minister had the opportunity to visit high school and Primary School and witness the ongoing construction of one classroom in secondary school, a building that is based on public donations.

For his part, Head of District Headman Simon Odunga told the Deputy Minister that the district is experiencing various challenges including teachers' shortage and lack of readiness for the community to contribute to the subject of education in the belief that everything is provided free of charge by the government

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