The Government has terminated the Transformation of Teachers across the country

The government has prevented the transfer of teachers across the country explaining that the reasons for so many requests are false.

Deputy Minister of President Tamisemi's Office, Mwita Waitara said this in Parliament yesterday on April 25, explaining that from now on transfer will be given with special approval and important conditions from the government.

He was responding to an additional question by the Member of Parliament (Chadema), Suzan Kiwanga who questioned the shortage of female teachers in Kilombero district.

"The issue of transferring teachers to the internal transfer is under the director and here I am commissioning to review these once again within two or two months to get teachers for both sexes," he said.

Waitara said the government has reached the point of preventing the transfer due to many teachers assuming that they are following their counterparts and are found to have many counterparts.

In the basic question, MP Special Chair (CCM), Ferister Bura wanted to know when the Government will employ 527 teachers of science subjects in Dodoma region.

Responding, Waitara said it is actually Dodoma has a shortage of teachers but the Government has given permission to employ 4,549 teachers including science and mathematics teachers.


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