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9 Things to Consolidate When Choosing a Advertising Company On Blog

Things to Consolidate When Choosing a Advertising Company On Blog

Keeping ads on a blog is one way to get money through a blog that is known to many people. There are some blogs or websites that have succeeded in making a lot of money while others do not earn meaningful or less access to this advertising method.

In fact many people choose a way to set up advertising for various companies on their blog to earn income from not being aware of other ways to earn money or from seeing another blog using it.

If you are one of the people who want to use the way to advertise on the blog to get money, then be aware of 9 things to consider when choosing a advertising company on your blog or website.

1. When appropriate
There is an appropriate time to join the advertising company on your blog. If your blog is not readable (pageviews) 1,000 or more times a day, it is better to look for another way to earn money from advertising.

To get at least $ 1 per day, it is very important to have a missing amount of your blog more than 1,000.

Instead of wasting time on advertising on your blog that doesn't give you, you better prepare the best content to add your readers first.

2. Do research
Research is the most important thing to choose a company to advertise ads on your blog. This is due to the fact that there are many companies but not all of them are best, so it is best to explore the following:

Make sure it has enough advertising sources. If you join a company that does not have enough ads will not be able to provide enough ads that will give you benefits.
Make sure it is not a trick. There has been a tendency for some companies to disappear with the money of the owners of the blog, so do a survey by reading other users' views.
Make sure they have reliable infrastructure. The company as Google Adsense has a reliable infrastructure that can serve its customers well.
Ads that match location, readers or even content targeted by your blog. For example, if your blog focuses on Africa, you choose only a European advertising company you do not get money because they do not have Africa advertising.
3. Advertising quality
Do you want all kinds of ads to appear on your site? There are advertising companies that place spam ads with naked pictures or even local clothes; Other ads also use bad technologies that affect the performance of your site.

Remember! When you post advertisements on your blog, your readers often believe you are associated with it, so it is important to make sure you place ads that match your blog.

4. Ads
There are some companies that force you to set their ad to a certain location on your blog or not to allow their advertising to other companies. This means that you will not be able to use the area for other work or other ads.

Make sure you understand the ad placement rules of the company's advertising prior to joining them so that you are not locked up or lost your money.

5. Return of benefits
I believe that if I show a company advertisement for a thousand of my readers it is the same as I walk down a street with a brand of the company's products to reach 1,000 people.

So I must make sure the cost and power I have used returns. It is important to ensure that the company pays you what you deserve, if you have advertised their products or advertisements, then make sure they also pay you well too.

Some companies exploit the owners of the site and the blog, remember a good blog is prepared at a cost, so do not let anyone bother you.

6. Advertisements when no advertisers
A company like Google Adsense cannot be broadcast but a small company is being promoted.

The best company joins directly with another company with advertising if their ads are over. So in this way you stop earning money as there are always advertising.

It is best to check whether the advertising company you want to select has joined another major advertising company.

Once you see an advertisement to advertise a advertising company instead of multiple advertising advertisements, be aware that the company does not have ads in time.

7. Payment criteria and payment method
Some companies have well-defined and well-defined payment methods.

Some companies allow to make money from $ 50 while the other comes from $ 100; some companies also use various international systems to send and make money so it makes it easier for you to get your money.

For example if you join a PayPal company only to make money, it is clear that if you are in Tanzania you will not be able to earn your money as PayPal does not allow to give money in Tanzania. So it is necessary to do extensive research.

8. Data
Adsense's main page showing important data.
Mature companies such as Google Adsense, give you full data about their ads you have posted on your blog. The best company I have to show you complete information even at the time (real time), so you can assess the effectiveness of the ads you have posted.

9. Terms and Conditions
Each company has its own automated criteria. It is important to investigate and ensure that you meet the company's criteria properly.

This is due to some companies wanting secretive agreements or hiding certain rules on their contracts and leading website owners or blog to lose their money when they violate those principles.


Certainly keeping ads on your blog or website may be of great benefit if it is done accordingly; but if it is not wrong then it can bring you a lot of loss.

It is also important to consider other ways to earn income on the blog, as the advertising path removes visitors from your blog and sends them to another site.

However, I believe if you are aiming to set ads on your blog, you will focus on the issues described here and you will find a good advertising company.


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