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Form Six Selected To Join Jkt 2019 – Majina Ya form six Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga JKT 2019

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National Service was established on 10th July 1963 emanating from the ideas of the Father of the Nation, the late President Julius K Nyerere who once said ” National Service is the demand made by the Nation on youth and youth response in fulfilling their duty in building the Nation”.

The National Service was established by the National Service Act to bring together the youths of Tanzania for the following purpose:

Work together in order to build the sense of nationalism.
Develop cultural and sociological awareness.
Provide skills, build economic independency, and reduce unemployment.
Train and develop the youth for national service and assist the government during natural disasters and calamities.
Build and develop the national economy.
Provide military training for national defense.
The management of the National Service releases the names of form six leavers selected to join The national service training for the 2019 intake by june 2019

JKT National Service selection list is simply the names of Form six students selected for JKT training into various JKT camps. Form six JKT selection lists are usually released by the National Service after the conduct of a random selection exercise.

Below are the procedures for checking your JKT Selection Status on the portal for for the 2019/2020 intake.

How do I view JKT selection after they have been released ??

JKT National Service selection list will be uploaded online after its official release by JKT, to check your Selection status follow the below lead from:-

Go to JKT Official website
 Find the “MATANGAZO” section, Check for any update related to” Majina ya wanafunzi kidato cha sita waliochaguliwa kujiunga na jkt mujibu wa sheria 2019”
Then Click “link”  to access your selection status.
Use the following links to download pdf documents to check your JKT National Service selection

JKT Rwamkoma-Mara

JKT Msange-Tabora
JKT Bulombora-Kigoma
JKT Kanembwa-Kigoma
JKT Mtabila –Kigoma
JKT Ruvu-Pwani
JKT Mpwapwa-Dodoma
JKT Makutupora-Dodoma
JKT Mafinga-Iringa
JKT Mlale-Ruvuma
JKT Mgambo-Tanga
JKT Maramba-Tanga
JKT Makuyuni-Arusha
JKT Itaka-Songwe
JKT Lua-Rukwa
JKT Milundikwa-Rukwa
JKT Nachingwea-Lindi


NOTE THAT : The List of form six selected to join JKT National Service have not been announced yet. The list of Form Six leavers joining the National Services in 2019 will be available soon After being released on the official JKT website For more details you can visit >>

Note that this Post is not to be used as a substitute for anything posted by the Tanzania National Service (JKT).  Nor is it to be used as legal advice. This is a compilation of information that we have found online from  Tanzania National Service (JKT) and is offered for convenience only. You may be required to Check Tanzania National Service (JKT) website for official information .

If you see that any of our information is incorrect, out of date, or missing, please contact us so we can keep this post as updated as possible.


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