How To Earn Money Through Freelance Platforms

Earn Money Through Freelance Platforms
Earn Money Through Freelance Platforms
About Freelancing I would like to be straight forward to say this is the "sustainable" way to make money online. If you ask me how many freelancers you know are making money through freelancing I will answer you and know they are making $ 500 - $ 1200 a month and also I know they are making $ 0 a month.
Guess what?
Most Freelancer especially from Tz do not have right mindset. Many enter the Freelance platforms with wrong reasons. You find someone told you can make a lot of money because the transcriber / translator is going to join the expectations and make money.
No way.
On the day you invest in your skills first and find out how to sell it you can make money. Buyers on Freelance platforms are aware of you are not to do the work by just checking your profile. And here's not because you're beginner, nop. The main reason is that you are disorganized. Not only can you organize your profile properly. You also don't know how to sell your skills.
You need to learn how to sell.
  • It's easy but you need to think out the box.
  • First I ask to begin by asking a question.
  • What do you think makes the client choose another freelancer and leave you?
  • The answer is simple.
Good reviews on your profile.
Many Freelancer who start to get the trust of buyers need to find someone / people and ask them to buy their service and then give them a good review.
Here you should be smart.
You can ask a friend or friend to join the platform you use and then buy your services and give you good reviews.
See how it works?
If you use the usual way to wait for a customer who does not know you buy your services when you do not have one review you will likely end up wasting time.
I did not teach you "umafia".
These are the only ways to survive as newbie.
Let's continue ...
What platforms are appropriate to join as a freelancer?
Well, here I will recommend three platforms. Also stay a healthy eating room in the kitchen to prepare a freelance platform of Kiswahili that will be specific to Tanzanians.
Now look at Freelancing platforms.

a •
- these are well. The first transcription / transition I gave here after being bored in different platforms because I didn't know the way. In UpWork I performed three (3) Tanzanians. It was amazing to see my fellow TT offers you a job offer.
b •
- I have an account but I don't have much power in there. I have a few project I'm working on when my time becomes limited. But briefly it is a good platform with the oldest. You can try them.
c •
- Who doesn't like Fiverr? In this platform you are doing is to go a gig. Gig is a service (service) you sell. And every gig is worth $ 5.
- it doesn't stop there. Fiverr allows you to post more valuable gigs for example $ 50, $ 100, $ 120 .... you meet the criteria.
That's the platforms you can join as a freelancer.
What you need is to be strategic. Follow the tricks I told you and you will be surprised how easy it is.


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