NIDA: Benefits Of National Identity Card.

According to President Dr Magufuli, so far the National Identity Authority (NIDA) has already issued such IDs to 13 million or 15 million citizens, among approximately 55 million citizens.

The President said this last week in Mbeya where he is still continuing his professional tour when he was discussing the issue of telecommunications signals by the fingerprint announced by Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA) in collaboration with communications companies.

In order to register a telephone line, TCRA and companies have indicated that every citizen will be required to use the national identity card in registration.

Tanzania has 55 million people, and the national IDs are issued by 13 million or 14 million people.  asked President Magufuli
Following this statement, he ordered the registry of the mobile Sim Card to use the fingerprint to December, so that everyone could have the identity.

But apart from assisting in the registration of any phone or any other registration, the IDs have lucrative benefits.

Below are the benefits that can be derived from having a national identity:
  •  They will help increase the revenue base of the Government
  •  They will help to identify the character easily when it needs to be provided in various institutions such as banks, credit institutions and health care services.
  •  It will be easy to identify the recipients of loans from banks and various financial institutions in the country.
  •  They will help keep records of criminal events in an electronic memory notebook.
  •  They enable you to recognize someone when doing business or other activities using different names.
  • You can make sure that someone gets their social status.  For example, obtaining pension payments, medical rights, academic rights, including any qualifications that Tanzanians deserve to be easily accessed through the identification person will be easily identified (who is, where is he, and what does he do?  in this nation.
  • They will help remove air servers from the payment system ‘Government’ payroll.
  • Strengthen the Government's performance by having proper records of staff and their merits, especially where the apostles are.
  • It will simplify the census exercise.
  • It will simplify the process of updating the voter register, where it is now done twice before the general election


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