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Tricky HR Interview Question Recently Asked

This question is asked only for reference purpose.  It is still Okay if you do not know anyone who works for the company. If you know someone, you can mention his/her name, but be aware of the policy on relatives working for the organization. This can affect your answer even though they asked about friends, not relatives. Be careful to mention a friend only if they are well thought of.
On the one hand, you might not know anyone working in that particular company, in this case, the answer is easy and relatively free of consequence. You can say “no” and move on to the next discussion point, but remember many companies love to hire new recruits with an existing connection to their business.
Always try to point out someone who is a good person and it is safe to mention his name, but not of those friends who is popular for his negative activities.  
Answer: Yes, I know Mr. ABC who is working for this company since 2014. I am informed about the fact that he is unable to perform well for this company during his tenure. However, I assure you that I will be working hard to achieve goals and never let you down. I passionately wanted to work here and I know only hard work can make my bright career.


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