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Currently most people use taxi transportation like uber and Bolt (Taxify).  These services are easily available by simply clicking on your phone.

But despite these technological advances to facilitate transport, there have been reports of some people stolen their property or brutal acts in various countries where these services are available.

Following these risks, many people have been asking themselves, what steps can they take that will ensure their safety and their property when they use uber transport, and other similar services.  .

1.Wait for the car inside the house
You are advised when you have called Uber or another taxi, do not stand outside the house while your phone is in hand because the sign can show people that you are waiting for transport and they have cheated you to call them.  , because they won't know if you're waiting for a car.

2.Check the car information after arrival
Don't just look at the time the driver will get to where you are, see also the type of car, car numbers, driver's name, gender and photo.

Synchronize existing information on your app, with an existing car in front of you.  Do not rush to climb, you may end up on a car that is silo, or the car is alone but the driver is not visible.

3.Track the way the driver should go

When you use Uber and other apps to get taxi services, they show you the way that the driver should follow.  So follow up to make sure that your driver is following the required path.

This is more important when you are in the middle of an unconscious city.

4.Do not provide confidential information

When you are in a car, many people talk to the driver about two things, but don't agree to give your information that is not related to him or her to get you on your way.

5.Sit on the back seats

If you are the only passenger on the car, prefer to stay in the back seat, to make sure there is space between you and the driver.

6.Provide information about your trip

Multiple apps allow you to easily share your friend or someone else's information about the driver you have, when you go, and the time you expect to arrive when you go.

By using this information, your friend can monitor your behavior, to make sure you are safe.

After reading, share and anothers to ensure that everyone is safe with their property.


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