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How can you protect yourself from dengue flu infection in Tanzania?

Homa/Fever of dengue is infected with Aedes mosquitoes with white-colored black spots.
12,000 people have been diagnosed with Dengue flu in Tanzania from January to May 2019.
The Tanzanian government’s report on the Ministry of Health notes that a total of 1,237 patients have been diagnosed with the disease in the period mentioned while Dar es Salaam led to having 1,150 patients, Tick 86 patients and Singida one patient.
Mwananchi newspaper quoted the head of the Tanzanian government Professor Muhammad Kambi confirming the deaths of the two deaths caused by the disease, although the deceased were also suffering from other diseases as well.
The data released at the beginning of the fourth month and Deputy Minister of Health Dr Faustine Ndugulile showed that up to 307 people had been diagnosed with the flu virus, 252 in Dar es Salaam and 52 Tanga.
The Ministry of Health has given attention to the local authorities and all cities on taking care of the spread of the disease.
The city of Dar es Salaam has already embarked on control efforts by spraying insecticides (Biolarvicides) for destroying mosquito repellent disease.
“The Ministry directs the regions and councils throughout the country to continue to take measures to control the disease including pumping ponds, spraying pesticides, removing mosquito bites, slashing shrubs, covering sewage holes and covering gases. The roof of the house and not let the water stand, “Professor Kambi quoted by the Citizen.
Also a six-month emergency plan coordinated by the ministries and implemented by all regions of the country is regulated from May to October.
Symptoms of dengue fever
  • FeverFoods
  • Freaks of pain and muscles
  • Speaks and muscles
How to protect yourself
  • Get rid of mosquito breeds
  • Please on a mosquito net \ t
Dar es Salaam areas affected by the disease are Ilala, Kariakoo, Upanga, Kisutu, Buguruni, Tabata, Mbezi, Ubungo, Kinondoni, Msasani and Masaki.
The dengue flu is infected with Aedes mosquitoes with white-colored black spots. Symptoms of the disease begin to emerge from three to 14 days from an infected person.
Doctors warn all diclofenac drugs that are not safe for dengue patient’s health. Some of these drugs that are widely available in Tanzania according to the country’s leading physician Professor Mohammed Kambi are Ibuprofen, Brufen and Diclopar.


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