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IFM: Application is now open for candidates to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the academic year 2019/2020

The Application System is current open for the following application levels:-
    1. Master Degree
    2. Postgraduate Diploma
    3. Bachelor Degree (For those who Finished their Studies Prior to 2019)
    4. Ordinary Diploma
    5. Basic Technician Certificate

    The Institute provides an online application system to facilitate smooth application and admission processes. The admission process is based on the Institute's entry criteria, the admission criteria treat all applicants fairly and do not discriminate an applicant basing on marital status, pregnancy and/or parental status, gender, age, race (including colour, social origin, nationality, or ethnic origin), religion belief, political affiliation, disability or any other status. Each applicant is assessed basing on the information supplied via application system and other mandatory supporting documents. The admission decision is made on the merit and ability of an applicant to meet the academic criteria of each relevant programme of study one has applied for.

    The burden of proof for authenticity of documents submitted during applications process lies on the applicant. The Institute reserves the right at any time before or during the progress of the programme to revoke the admission and/or registration status should it be found that the applicant used false documents or does not meet the Institute's criteria for admission.

       Important: Make sure you read and understand the application entry criteria before attempts to apply.



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