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FOR UNDERGRADUATE:TCU | Which Course Corresponds To My Form Six Combination?HKL,HGL HGK,HGE, PCB,CBG,PGM, CBN, CBA.

To be eligible for any University in TANZANIA you must have a minimum of 4 points in your two Subjects for courses that are NON-HEALTH RELATED.

Example; HKL, so to have a qualification to go  University/College you must have a D D in your studies, this means that to have a qualification to go to University to a minimum you must have A E, B E, C E, E E E DU.

The course of health should have a minimum of 6 points in all three of your studies that cover your combination.

For example, the PCB must have a CDE where C must be of chemistry, D of biology and E of physics (IT MUST) to that point if you've got a 2 points 12 PCB and you have got DDD (you don't have a reputation, because you must have C of chemistry )

Note, we would like to ensure that the Subjects of the course we gave you, will give you a loan as of 98% as a government priority.
I know and I know that a big dream of students who read PCB is to study a medical doctor at the university. But many of their dreams disappear due to various reasons including bad results, choosing wrong colleges and etc

For this academic year to study a medical doctor course, qualification at any university in TANZANIA you must have read PCB and you have found

Physics-D, Chemistry-C, Biology-C which constitutes minimum points of 8; this means that the end of the doctoral study this year must have been successful at DIV 2 AND 10 POINTS.

If you have read the PCB and have not found the above criteria please please don't worry about asking for a doctor because you cannot be selected.

If you have got Div 2 points 11 to Div 3 points 13, there are many courses to apply differently to the medical doctor, as I listed below
Bsc. Pharmacy (you must have  C of chemistry,D in
biology and E in phys)

  • Bsc. Nursing (you must C ya chemistry,D in biology
  • na E in phys,Nutrition or mathematics)
  • Bsc. Medical laboratory science (you must have  C of
  • chemistry,D in biology and E in phys)
  • Bachelor of Science in Optometry((you must have E of
  • chemistry/mathematics,D in biology na C in phys)
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Health Laboratory
  • and
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy((lazima uwe na C ya chemistry,D in biology na E in phys)
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Clinical Chemistry,
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Hematology and Blood Transfusion,
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Histotechnology,
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science in Microbiology and Immunology,
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences in Parasitology and Medical Entomology and
  • Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences General
  • ((Kozi 7 hapo juu lazima uwe na C ya chemistry,D in biology na E in phys)
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (BSc EHS) (lazima uwe na C ya chemistry,D in biology na E in phys/Nutrition,mathematics or agriculture,geography)

For the below course you need minimum of 4 points 
  • Bsc. Microbiology
  • Bsc. Molecular biology & Biotechnology
  • Bsc. Biotechnology & Laboratory science
  • Bsc. Food science & Technology
  • Bsc. Agronomy
  • Bsc. Animal science & production
  • Bsc. Wildlife management
  • Bsc. Veterinary medicine
  • Bsc. Forestry
  • Bsc. Agricultural general
  • Bsc. With Education
- Students who are studying the CBG  have a lot of dreams to Study Nursing, pharmacy and various health courses, but for this year things have been very different, CBG students will be allowed to study only one health course which is Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences (BSc EHS) (which must have C of chemistry, D in biology and E in physics / nutrition, mathematics or agriculture, geography).

- I ask you if you do not have the qualifications to study the above health care course please do not ask for it will cost you later for lack of college.

- Other courses are as outlined in students who read the PCB.

  • All field of Engineering hasa
  • Civil Eng,
  • Mechanical Eng,
  • Electronics & Telecommunications Eng,
  • Electrical Eng,Computer Eng,
  • Agricultural Eng, Irrigation & Water resource Eng,
  • architecture, Quantity Survey, Geomatics,
  • Actuarialscience, Computer science, ICT,
  • Chemical & Processing Eng
  • Industrial engineering
  • Petroleum geology, petroleum engineering, petroleum chemistry
  • Geology,
  • Engineering geology
  • Bsc. With Education

  • Bsc. Agricultural economics & Agribusiness
  • Bsc. Building Econmics
  • Bsc. Actuarialscience
  • Bsc. Irrigation & Water res Eng, Agricultural Eng (O level Science)
  • Bsc. Architecture
  • Bsc. Geomatics
  • B. A Economics & Statistics
  • Bsc. Computer science , Bsc ICT
  • B.A land management & Valuation
  • B. A Economics
  • B. A Accounting & Finance
  • Bsc. With Education
  • Procurement
  • statistics
  • LL. B (B. Law)
  • B. Land management & Valuation
  • B. A Human resource management
  • All course relate with community development & Planning
  • B. A with Education

- CBN have been fortunate because they are allowed to study two health courses which are nursing and environment health where they have to be at least points of 6 in three cases. Of these studies you must have C in chemistry, D in biology and E in nutrition.

- On the side of the CBA she is allowed to Study the course of environmental health.

- Other courses are as I mentioned above in the CBG section.

I would like to conclude by reminding all students you want to apply for Universities/Colleges this year that all applications are taking place at the university website you want to Study


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