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Undergraduate Admission Guidebook for 2019/2020 Academic Year (For Holders of Ordinary Diploma or Equivalent Qualifications)

1.0 Introduction
As approved in Section (12) (2) (a) (b) (c) of the Universities Act Cap 346 of the laws of
ü77 Tanzania, read together with Regulation 31 (2) (3) (4), the Tanzania Commission for
Universities (TCU) is mandated to coordinate admissions to Higher Learning Institutions
(HLIs). The coordination function entails the following:

1.1 Quality Assurance
Pursuant to Section 5(1)(b) of the Universities Act, Cap. 346, the Commission is required to
audit, on regular basis, quality assurance mechanisms of Universities which include carrying
out evaluation, assessment and monitoring of universities on a continuous basis and
preparing guidelines for Quality Assurance and other related matters.
Accordingly, Section 16 of the Universities Act, Cap. 346, as amended by the Written Laws
(Miscellaneous Amendments), Act No. 3, 2013 the Commission is duly mandated by the law
to charge/ collect quality assurance fee. In view of these legal provisions, the Commission at
its 64th regular meeting held on 3rd July, 2014 approved a Tshs. 20,000/= Quality Assurance
Fee with effect from July, 2014. It is emphasized that every student has to pay the said
quality assurance fee of TShs 20,000/= per year.

1.2 Admission Procedure
The admission procedure requires:
i) All applicants to Lodge their applications directly through institutions and channel
all application queries to the respective institutions;
ii) Applicants to carefully read and understand the guidelines and admission
requirements for programmes they anticipate to apply for, provided in this book
and on the websites of individual institutions;
iii) Applicants to ensure that they have adequate information for the programmes and
institutions of their choice, taking into account competition, one‟s passes and
career aspirations;
iv) Applicants to ensure that their names and index numbers used during application
for admission match with those used during previous examinations;
v) All applicants holding foreign qualifications to have their qualifications validated
and equated by the respective regulatory bodies before submitting their
applications for admissions as follows:
a. The National Examinations Council of Tanzania in respect of Certificates
of Secondary Education and Teacher Education; and...



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