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Intoduction To Blogging On How To Earn Money 2022

Blog On How To Earn Money Today 2019
Blog On How To Earn Money Today 2019
 Introducing blog/Blogging, Never an unsuspecting-underestimate blog ability to make money for you. Personally I see a fool.
Why I haven't started earlier.
Let's read these notes below insight how much you can make. These notes are the answer I gave to the People son who needed to set up a blog.
"The first to say I just have a blog is a good way to make a passive income. You can make up to $ 500 - $ 1000 a month. In short you have a good strategy that is much easier to reach.
Now let's go slowly.
To make your blog come across first you have to get an AdSense account from Google. AdSense for simple language means you allow Google to keep advertising on your blog.
And for Google to grant you AdSense you should have your blog to meet the criteria.
• does not have any post / post features.
• you have written enough articles on your blog. At least 30 posts.
• Unazopost features on your blog have-solve problems to visitors.
If you can do so then you can on the App for AdSense and find it easily.
Let me go further.
After getting AdSense and ads on your blog you need to understand what AdSense will pay you for every visitor?
Understand this in a simple way let's do the math. Let's assume your blog receives 1000 viewers per day. In these 1000 viewers who click advertising on your blog are 200. Also lets the assume every click values ​​of $ 0.10. 200 * 0.10 = $ 20
That's $ 20 yes you create for them 1000 viewers. So if you are able to get 30000 viewers per month means you have made $ 600. But as I said earlier you need guidance "p


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