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12 Valid Ways To Make Money Through Blog

Ways To Make Money Through Blog
Earn money via Blog
Looking for a way to make money online that is not fraudulent? Blog is one way you can use it to earn money while doing what you love. In this article I will share 14 ways you can make money using your blog.

Remember! These are not the ways to earn money for a steep slope overnight. Never be fooled by the announcement that you will be made super rich someday. Things are not going that way.

First of all you will need to have your own blog; you will also need to invest a certain amount of time or money to see results from your blog.

1. Be an agent
You can make money on your blog through becoming an affiliate marketer for a variety of products or services. Once someone buys something by reaching it through your blog then you will get dividends.

You can join these services to become an agent like:
  • Amazon
  • Junction Commission
  • ShareASale

After selecting a product to advertise you can use Thirsty Affiliates to manage those ads.

2. Join Google AdSense
If you have multiple visitors to your blog starting from 1,000 or more per day, you can subscribe to this service and earn money from the ads Google will place on your blog.

Google AdSense advertising types:

CPC - Cost Per Click is an ad that will be paid for as long as users of your blog click or click on the relevant ad. Payment rate per click depends on the rate set by the advertiser.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand impressions are ads that will be paid for an ad viewed 1,000 times.

3. How to place ads directly
You can agree to the relevant company directly to place their ad on a specific site of your blog. This way you can earn more money than using other services that are either contracted with the relevant companies or advertiser.

4. Write a sponsored post
This is a post written for the purpose of defining or advertising a particular service or product. The relevant company will pay you for writing a post explaining and advertising their product or service.

5. Sell a blog
Selling a blog? Yes, selling a blog can earn you a decent income. If you know how to design and create a blog, then you know something else. There are a lot of people who need to buy already made blogs. You can search for a good domain name and create a blog for yourself and sell it through websites such as Flippa and earn some money.

6. Create member content
You can create content on your blog that can only be accessed by subscribed members. You can earn money by charging a subscription fee or for all the members who need to subscribe to your blog. This way you will earn directly from subscribers to read the content.

7. Sell e-books
If you have some knowledge you can put them in the form of e-books and sell them to earn money. You can create your book in PDF format and charge people a certain amount of money to download it.

8. Sell online courses
As in the case of books, you can also arrange courses to teach people different things you know. Prepare courses well and professionally, advertise on your blog and people can subscribe by paying a certain fee that will make you money.

9. Find a job by selling your skills
If you have the skills to work or something you can use your blog to advertise yourself and earn enough income. When people visit your blog they may be impressed by your knowledge so they hire you to do some work for them.

10. Be a mentor or coach
If you have the ability to mentor people or inspire them on a variety of life issues, you can use your blog to reach your customers. You can either serve them online or invite them directly to your office. These issues can be therapy, relationships, education, economics, goals, vision etc. You may incur some costs for the service and earn some money. A good example of a blog of this kind is the courtesy

11. Start an online store
If you use WordPress on your blog you can use the WooCommerce plugin to set up an online store and sell various products. This way you can sell your own or others' products and earn yourself a decent amount of money.

12. Sell clothing with your brand
If you are printing a popular brand or blog or your company you can use it to sell clothing and earn some money. 


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