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 The mind is like a muscle, since the more you work, the more you can stop it.  It's like taking two people on one 24-on-one TV and the other in a gym (a muscle trainer) who wants to build a healthy and healthy body than the one who watches TV every day and this one is often too lazy to work with a hypothetical imitator.  .  GREAT LIGHT we give you business light you college student.


 1. Vine business, we will lend with airtel money.(AIRTEL MONEY AGENT)
 Basically this is the kind of business that can't interfere with your time in the classroom, and its capital is relatively small.  The advantage is you can walk with your office anywhere and work anytime.
 If there is a problem what do you do?  you can look for someone to replace you and then do business calculations and handouts in the evening.  The challenge that comes with most STUDENTS is we do not have TIN NUMBER (business license) having a license to help you get the business line within a short period of time without any cost.  Also to make money find a place or area where business can go well.

 2. Online business, (Online business).
 There are companies that enable Man to invest a certain amount of money and make a profit.  There are students who have been exposed to these businesses and many of them have been able to pay their fees through these companies.

 Unfortunately, there are some companies that have been set up to rob people of their money, these have destroyed the companies that do the job right.  Student you have the ability to follow a company investing money and making money every day, importantly do some company research first to avoid future regrets.

 How do these companies work?

 You must be a member of the relevant company.

 Breaking free must provide entry.

 The entrance fee depends on the company.

 Payment will be made to the Dollar system

 Every day you pay dollars depending on the amount you invest.

 You will be paid more if you connect with other people.

 This business lets you import 300,000 and more within a month.

 3. Sale of retail goods.
 This business is done by many scholars who know what entrepreneurship means and how to make money through business.  They go into general stores and buy products such as pens, diapers, clothing and mobile devices.
 When I met a University of Dar es Salaam student explaining how he did his business selling textiles, this business enabled him to earn 30,000 a day and his business did not affect his academic time.

 4. Selling time for conversation
 Stop selling selling vouchers to sell packages.  It's good to have MOBILE MONEY and join Rifaro Africa, it's important to have a tigo or airtel network.

 This is an easy way for a college student to make money without wasting your time because you will walk with your office anywhere.

 5. Stock brokers
 This one works to market and advertise other people's business but for profit.  A student can become an auctioneer by choosing the area you are most likely to become a broker, for example

 The broker of the house

 Fire brokers, eg cars and motorcycles

 Real Estate Brokers.

 Precious jewelry broker.

 6. Mc
 be a presenter or presenter in various events.

 Birthday and wedding, use your talent to make money.
 John Mza Foreign is a student at the University of Mt.  Augustino Mwanza and is a good poet who uses his time well.

 7. Writing of articles or books
 There are some people who have good writing skills in life, business, and education, but many of them have failed to use their talents to make money while in the College environment.  You have the ability to write books and each book sells 5,000 to 10,000 books.  The key is to write thoughtful ideas and solve problems for society or people.

 You can also write your own work and sell to printing companies since there are many companies that buy people jobs.

 8. Vegetable cultivation
 Find a good environment that can support gardening (vegetable) important and look at the market and avoid the cultivation because your brother planted the previous season and sold it and made a lot of profit.

 9. Open the ball bearings
 is a very simple business that a student with a mind of financial and life success can do.  The key is to start investing money for the purchase of hardware eg screen, dake and screen but the chairs are coming and finding the right place to build a ballroom.


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