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An easy way to make money through your blog / website

  Hello reader of this blog
Here today I am going to wonder about making money through your blog or website. Many are using unsuccessful networks today.

 if you own a blog or website there is something called google adsense this is

 a program that gives us money we bloggers may or may not have heard of.


 It is an Internet-based Advertising system that includes advertisements on web pages, apps, blogs, platforms and other communication services specifically on the Internet.

 Google Adsense has 2 types of ads there are only text and text and they are visited as all pictures and videos are good and all have their costs.


 With Google Adsense you can earn around 9,000 and more every month and forget to do other activities, Adsense can close your Account anytime or your blog anytime you don't comply with their Terms, so don't rely too much on them,


 If your site posts adsense ads you will be rewarded for the number of people who visit the site and how people will click click on those ads.

 An easy example is Mr Houmud has his company called All Tricks, instead of making big ads in print as well as opening a website he is going to talk to google or google representatives will deliver his ad he will say how he wants it to be looked at for example a number of countries or areas within a particular country,  All Tricks ads can be viewed on Khalid's blog and many different websites with Adsense services.

 So the houmud will benefit his site from many visits due to advertising through adsense and people who visit Bin ruwehy to see the link to his site.

 NOTE> Tracking terms and other information is very important for example you should not tell people to click your ad to let go of a click click on yourself so you can be blocked.


 Is the size of the Website or Blog or the popularity increasing the Adsense revenue?

 The answer is no you'll be able to earn more from how you placed your ads and how people hit those ads when you posted to your site's pages or blog


 Those using Google's Gmail services are easy to sign up to use the AdSense system on their blogs and websites. You can visit

 NOTE> Everyone has the right to have their own AdSense Account and keep track of their own payments and paid for them.


 Goolge AdSense registration cannot be completed if you do not have a PIN NUMBER and fill in other forms to verify your payment, if you are in a European country with the number you are required to write then you will be given PIN NUMBER.

 If you are outside of Europe such as Tanzania, you may be prompted for PIN NUMBER using DHL where you will enter the number to complete the registration process or you can use google identification or other form of identity to verify your existence such as a bank card or passport.

 NOTE> Without pin Number you will not be identified on the google adsense system and your payment will not be charged.


 Google pays Adsense on their sites every month for a check, bank or western Union system depending on the country of one's existence, payments are paid when there is an amount of money starting at $ 100 per month and $ 17 is used as check shipping costs.  if you are in a country where they send a check.

 So as you do this advertising work make sure you get a lot of money to pay the bank and shipping costs of your check, at least $ 700 a month.

 NOTE> Monthly payments are payable the following month if they exceed $ 100


 For Tanzanian Google Adsene payments come via DHL where they arrive on the 2nd of every month, when payments arrive at DHL offices customers are telephoned and sent or if you can track yourself using the DHL tracking number to find out if the consignment has arrived.

 The point is that most people do not think checks are sent by regular mail or not DHL.


 You must have an Account at any bank in Tanzania because google checks are written in the name of the person or company so you must have an Account if you are in Tanzania.

 If you deposit a check to your Account it takes 21 business days to make the payment on your Account and other bank charges.

 Due to other bank costs it means you have to pay 5,000 shillings a month and be prepared to pay 70 francs as the cost of dealing with your Checks at your bank.

 NOTE> Many people get discouraged early and end up on the road so they lose a lot of their money and people advertise on those sites or blogs for free.

 Remember when you open a blog and post adsense the ads will stay there and people will find out when they search for different things on the internet so don't give up soon.


 I said above that everyone has the right to have their own AdSense Account and paid in their own name, there are foreigners especially in Uganda who want to trick the Kenyan and Tanzanian people to come together to run the AdSense System on their websites and share Hela  half every month.

 If you do not agree to get into this trap, you need to have your account credited and paid in your own country when you allow it so the benefit does not go to your country in Uganda in the name of a Ugandan who will use a fake name to prevent him from hacking your money.

 Even if you earn less for example $ 1 a day, you will not be able to add items to your site, especially in English and French and can earn up to $ 50 a day as you continue to grow.


 Some sites Adsense does not work because of the types of ads that are blocked due to the customs and customs of those sites.

 The AdSense system is more in English and other international and yet less widespread in other smaller languages ​​like Swahili although one can also advertise

 Most of the best African banks do not recognize the google adsense system so some people have trouble when they go to deposit their checks into an account and assume it is fraudulently most of it is sent through CITIBANK whose services are very high.

 Most countries do not have an online tax system so you find all the google adsense members paying taxes in the US for every adsense payment most countries lose on their payments.

 Currently Kenya and Uganda have negotiated with google so if you are in those countries your payment is received after 3 days every month through western union or direct deposit into your Account.

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