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Here's How To Get A Business Capital While Still In College

 Each year there are a large number of highly qualified academics from various universities in the country.

 The number of qualified graduates each year is very large compared to the number of people employed.  Thus making many college-educated youths roam the streets, wandering around and looking for work.


 Some who are fortunate enough to find these jobs however come to grunts after a few days, when they are given resignation due to lack of knowledge, lack of self-discipline, carelessness, etc.

 This situation certainly creates a paradox that is difficult to answer.  A situation like this has pushed many scholars to get involved in entrepreneurship.  Yet still the cries of most scholars are capital.

 There are also some who do not like to be employed but when they graduate they find themselves struggling to make ends meet, with the main reason being capital.

 So what's the problem?  Is there a way for a student to earn a living capital while still studying?

 My answer is YES.  It is possible for any scholar to earn capital while still in college.  However, he will need to be dedicated, disciplined and make sure that what he has decided is right, he is not always frustrated with spending his savings.

 For Tanzanian colleges most degrees take three, four or five years.

 Diploma starts from two years, while diploma starts from one year.

 These college years, it is a good time for a scholar to save and make a startup capital when he or she qualifies as it is better to prepare for the times of famine and not to be unprepared and these times come to pass.

 For students college time is the time to get ready for famine, or after college and to get a certificate (popular as the 7th semester for most students)

 So within this period your savings can be set as follows:

 One is to make sure that the rest of your college days are worth one thousand shillings (1,000 / -)

 If you save one thousand shillings every day for a year, you will have saved that amount to three thousand and sixty five thousand (365,000 / -).  If you save for two years, you will get 730,000 / -

 One thousand to one thousand is a small amount but if you decide to save for a collection like this until you graduate from college if it is two or three years then you will have a huge savings to get you starting capital.

 And besides putting together two or three young people with a big heart and saving money for this system, this is to say until you graduate college you can have savings of two million and more.  This is certainly a huge win for the scholar and here you will find a very good startup capital after graduation.

 Second, you as a student should reduce spending to save on savings.

 We are used to the fact that college is talked about as part of eating ducks.  But now if you really have dreams of getting a start-up capital after graduation, ducks can put it aside and decide to first capitalize.  the end of the day will come to eat its duck and eggs.

 If you used to go out every weekend, now it's your turn to make sure you give up completely because you will not lack anything.  The goal is for you to get capital.  So you do this for your own benefit and not for your friends or me.

 Third, reduce the packages you buy.

 There are critics who buy aggressive chat packages.  You find you have three lids and they all have packages and they are not cheap packages.  That is, the packages really are.

 Now really if you're careful, what are all three soft packages for?

 Why not reduce spending here and earn some of your capital from the time you graduate from college?

 And again you find it a week you join three or four times and more.  Of course here is a scholarship that you can do something to earn a starting capital upon graduation.

 Fortunately there are places in the world where you can get free Internet WIFI.  You can use it.  reduce the use of daily vouchers.  The student opens at this very moment.

 Fourth, you can join a group of scholars.

 Here you can decide to start saving together.  This will give you more discipline especially if you have a backup and within a short period of time donate it.  this group will be able to save money and you will not be able to earn it as you would on your own.  But this will also increase the size of the capital and make it bigger compared to where you would be alone.

 Fifth, do not buy items you do not currently use.

 People often buy things and start complaining that they have spent / lost their money for nothing.  So you scholar avoid this trap.  If you find you have bought something that you do not use at all, whether it be clothes, a shoe, a phone or whatever, you have lost the money you would have invested.  I advise you before you buy something and ask yourself a question, if I do not buy this item will I die?  If you can't die for lack of something, then leave it and save money.


 O scholar, open now, for the days themselves do not come.  Today you are in college, tomorrow you will be on the street.  And here is where you have to start living and living just like yourself.  The community will look at you like you were when you were reading.

 But if you thought outside of eighteen when you were in college, then this would be your perfect time to start your own business.

 Thank you very much


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