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 Important Things for university Students to  do in order to have successful life.

 Hello Tanzanian Youth, wherever you are in the World!
 I am so happy to have this opportunity to write this message to you.  This is about Higher Education and Real Life.  I wrote this because now days life has changed.
There fore you must understand the following things



 1. Education is the foundation of life.

 This is the most important thing we know and know why.  The main goal for us as students of different professions is to create the foundation so we can build our lives.  In this context, it means that education is one of the tools to give us light.  By this I mean that education is not everything, but a resource!  You may have studied architectural engineering but found yourself a restaurant manager.  You can study the field of business but you find yourself in the army on a daily basis!  This is all possible and you wondered why you studied engineering but are in management.  Only then do you need to realize that the Education you have studied is just a resource and you will need to know how to use it to build a whole house.  Remember that a poor foundation in life will ruin the house you are building.  

2. Work hard to create support systems that will make you even after you finish college you will have the opportunity to develop yourself or find a place to hang out anywhere.

Get involved in developmental, economic, technological and scientific debates as these debates will shed light on what's happening in the world in real terms.  For it is true that the education and curriculum and the books we read to many do not give us the true picture of the growth of our world in all respects.  So, "Take care, if you hurt at the end of the Day you will return the ball to the goalkeeper."

3.  In education, avoid too much leisure

  Have the right balance in everything you do (be it academic or comfort).  Your life depends on one way or another.  Multiplying one side kills the other side.  Prepare, challenge and guard yourself in all things.  You cannot override one thing and forget the other because everything has its place.  Find out how to tackle your most enjoyable enjoyment to get everything in the right order that will not make you lose your goals.

 4. Make sure you have a team that builds you up, gives you motivation to go ahead, warn you and listen to you

.  If you want to create unity in the work, the group you have at your fingertips translates into the community what exactly you will build in your life.  There is an English saying, "You choose your business partner at college."

5.Don't be afraid to fail academically.

, fearing the fear of not achieving your goals.  It is true that when you are in college, one of the basic things is to graduate.  But the fact is that when most get to college, they can decide what they want - the goals they want to achieve.  So many are more afraid of failing in education than failing in their goals.  Realize that having no goals or not achieving your goals is the same as paying the airline fare and then failing to travel. You missed the fare to take you home to the airport.  Reflect on your goals and also consider what you are doing in college if they are indeed compatible and if they are inconsistent, it is good to look for an alternative way to reach your goals.  "Do not be afraid in anything, fear is the death of the ignorant."

 6. Make the right decisions,

 not everything is possible at the same time."  Your life in college is no longer than  five (there are probably others reading over those years).  So realize that when you are a college student not everything or thought comes to your mind.  Do a thorough analysis, satisfy yourself, be confident and plan correctly for everything you do.  And don't do something because you were told by someone to do it.  Remember that at the end of the day everything you do will bring back positive or negative responses.  You might get a business idea, ask yourself if it is the right idea for you to do it.  Realize that this is your life that you are building for you and your generation.  But despite all of that, don't be afraid to take advantage or take advantage of opportunities.

7.Learn More About Savings.

f money, it will help you in the days when you need it most.  Most college students are good candidates for investing.  I do not mean that you do not have to spend a lot, have a productive use and a small amount of savings, invest in a 'Fixed Deposit' and it will help you when you need it most.  For the loan you have today, tomorrow may not be there;  the economic support you enjoy today will end, what will you do if you spent it all and did not know how to invest?  Be an entrepreneur of your money, make it a way that will respect you and not make you emotionally invested in it.

8. "A good certificate is not a success in life." 

 I am not discouraging you looking to become a better student or have a 'first class' or 'highest GPA', but rather to let you know that 'willingness in practical training is something that the economy of the twenty-first century needs.'  Make an effort to find out what your market needs and not have a positive effect on the writing but the negatives in action.  If this happens, it is clear that you are compromising your status, your education status and the status of your entire community.  Today's offices, be they Accounting or Engineering, are not just rotating in an office chair, but are practical and understand the market around you.

9. Do not despise anyone

And don't like to talk to others by comparing them to your achievements or your academic achievements or anything.  For it is certain that you know where the man comes from, but you do not know where he is going.  If you have any doubts about anyone's behavior, correct him or her as these are only short-lived, you will probably encounter this person over you.  The Europeans say, "Humble yourself, never exalt yourself above anyone else. Just let others exalt you. For the world is still spinning."

10. You are not too late.

 Even if you have only a short time to finish your studies, make the scene happen.  Many are wrong but when they know where they went wrong, they got up and knew where to start.  Find the right way to get what you want.  Whatever you are, don't try to compare yourself to someone else and then you feel stupid, all you need to know is that you're late and still have the opportunity to stand up to your goals.  Do your best, stand up and even if you fall, know how to stand.



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