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IJUE IDADI YA WATU DUNIANI: UN publishes 1st quarter Demography Report 2019

Demography Report 2019
There are 7.8Billion people on planet earth.
The report shows:
Women = 5.6Billion
Men = 2.2Billion
One Million New STD’s Recorded Daily, Warns WHO
So, they advised women to be careful in showing attitudes to any man because out of the 2.2 Billion men:
One billion are married already.
130 million are in prison.
70 million are mentally ill.
That means that we have just about 1 billion men available for marriage and out of the 1billion:
50% are jobless
3% are gay
5% are Catholic Priests
10% are your relatives
35% are above 66years
So, ladies both the married and singles, you have to rethink before treating any man like trash.
For details visit the UN demography report.


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