Internet abuse and its penalties
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Internet abuse and its penalties


As well as laws protecting the user, they also penalize for offenses arising from misuse of services and communication products.  Abuse includes theft and fraud, threats and harassment and illegal use of services.

 Some of its offenses and penalties as provided in the Act include imprisonment, fines or all for unlicensed cellphone use, false information when registering a license, allowing a license to be used unregistered, not giving lost or stolen information to  phone or phone number and use the phone and phone number that have been stolen.



 The law has also imposed penalties on callers to change its authenticity;  those who open phones that are locked under the National Telephone Registry and who send messages of threats, harassment, stigma and harassment.

 To further protect the user of telecommunications services, the Government through TCRA is implementing cross-border measures that include the national network security unit, new national address and postal system, central registry system and migration service.  another mobile network without changing the phone number
 cell phone.

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