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Azam FC New Kits Azam FC 2022/23

Azam FC New Kits Azam FC 2022/23

Azam FC New Kits Azam FC 2022/23 Azam Sports Club

Other SSB owned industries had their own football teams too, and in 2005 they agreed to merger with Mzizima SC to form one strong team following the suggestion from Mr. Abubabar Bakhresa, the Managing Director of SSB. The teams were Kipawa [Biscuits & Bakery Industry], TAZARA – Buguruni [Wheat Flour Milling & Mineral Water Industry] and Vingunguti [Omary Packaging & Garage].

They decided to organize the tournament involving all these teams to help select the players to form one new team. The tournament was played at Airwing ground in Ukonga. Mzizima FC and Kipawa FC qualified for the final but the match was interrupted as Kipawa confronted the officiating.

After the disputed tournament, every team maintained its status but later some players defected from other teams to join Mzizima FC to honour the call of Mr. Abubakar Bakhresa. Some of them were Luckson Kakolaki and Id Abubakary of Kipawa. This led to the strengthening of Mzizima SC and weakening of other teams, and lately they swallowed their pride and agreed to merger with Mzizima FC to form one team.

On 28/10/2005, the newly formed team adopted the new name, Azam Sports Club, because Azam is the flagship name for the SSB group of companies.

Azam Football Club 2006
After winning the Ilala District Championship (division four) in 2005, Azam SC was automatically promoted to the Dar es Salaam regional league (division three). But the regional league proved to be a bit tough for Azam SC players who were workers from within the company.

The need to improve the team forced the recruitment of new players from outside the company. The new players helped the team to win promotion to second division for 2007 season. But that was the beginning of the new era because the club now started to pay wages to the players only for playing football, thus the professionalization of the club.

On June 6, 2006, Azam Sports Club turned full professional and marked the evolution by dropping ‘Sports Club’ from its name, and replaced it with ‘Football Club’. From that day on, the official name of the club is Azam Football Club.

The players recruited for 2007 season were Seleman Matola, Shekhan Rashid, Kasimu Kilungo, Juma Assey, Daud Jumanne, James Adrian, Makame Usi ‘Vigema’, Boniface Pawasa, Heri pazi, and Alimu Chilumbe. Others were Kamba Luffo and Steven Nyenge.

These were the players who had vast experience of local and international football and improved the team

Mzizima FC on 23 July 2004. The club was founded by the workers of Mzizima wheat flour milling industry owned by Said Salim Bakhresa,(SSB) group of Companies, at Banda la Ngozi, Nyerere Road, Ilala, Dar es Salaam.

Mzizima FC was a brainchild of Hafidh Salim (who became the first Chairperson), Ali Mlungula, Seif Mshamu Kiwile, Athuman Kikila, Mohamed Saad Makununi, Mzee Chuli Ramadhan, and Babu Ayubu. Then they were joined by Abubakar Mapwisa, Seleman Mabehewa, Twalib Suleiman Chuma, Mohamed Seif ‘King’, Nassor Idrisa ‘Father’, Ibrahim Jeshi and Abdallah Hassan. They started this team just for recreation and leisure after the long working hours, so as to improve their social life, health and well-being.

They didn’t have a place as their training ground thus they approached the Tanzania Railways Limited (TRC) to allow them use their open space at Ilala Goods Shed. TRC gave them a nod and the work of leveling the ground started immediately.



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