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Names called for Interview at Magereza 2022

Names called for Interview at Magereza 2022

Names called for Interview at Magereza 2022 Tanzania Prisons Service TPS is the army of the Tanzanian government, It was officially established as a Full Department of the Government on the 25th of August in 1931. Before that date, the Army was working under the Police Force. This army is headquartered in Dodoma, and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior.

The Prison Service when it was established was called the Prison Department where its activities remained the colonial ones of torture of prisoners and hard work regardless of whether it is beneficial for them or for the Nation. The 1990s established its vision and responsibility according to the principles and standards set by the National and International.

Majina walioitwa kwenye Usaili Jeshi la Magereza 2022

The basic responsibilities of the Prison Service are to receive and keep in prison all people who are brought to prison in accordance with the laws of the country and run various programs aimed at rehabilitating convicted prisoners so that they finally leave prison as good citizens.

In carrying out these duties, the Prison Service is responsible for following and respecting all the laws of the country as well as various international laws concerning human rights.




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