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School Principal at Jubilation Schools Tanzania 2022

School Principal at Jubilation Schools Tanzania 2022

School Principal at Jubilation Schools Tanzania

Dar es Salaam
Jubilation Schools Tanzania

Jubilation Nursery and Primary Schools are English Medium schools,providing an excellent English Medium education and building global capacity

Position: School Principal

Reporting to: School Board

A: About US

Jubilation offers a values driven education that not only prepares children for academic success but also forms them into exemplary leaders. The school runs two wings including Jubilation Nursery and Early Years) and Jubilation Primary School.

Jubilation Schools seek to promote quality elementary education with a particular interest on highly talented but financially challenged Tanzania children. The schools offer NECTA curriculum for pupils from Baby Class to Grade 7. In future we look in to a possibility to provide both NECTA and Cambridge Curriculums with the view to maximizing the opportunity for pupils and parents to access a world-class education.

In order to drive success of these schools to the next level, we are recruiting a School Principal. The candidate will be responsible for implementation of our schools’ development plans, working closely with the school management, the Board, fellow staff as well as the parents’ community to deliver on the ambitious goals set by the School Board. The Principal will be responsible for ensuring an outstanding academic performance while leading the development of innovative programs to provide holistic learning for the pupils of Jubilation Schools in line with our values.

The candidate will have a proven track record working in an academic setting with a rigorous culture of learning with significant experience leading and managing change. He/She will have a proven track record in transforming institutions and contribute to the growth and development of staff working under them. He/She must provide evidence of a growth mindset with proof of having contributed in the building of a successful academic project.

The School Principal will have proven experience in developing programs for active learning and will have exemplary people skills required to motivate others towards the collective good. The incumbent will be responsible for taking ownership of results in the implementation of the schools’ development strategies including leading individual staff towards their agreed goals.

B: Main Purpose of the Job

The overall purpose of this job to provide leadership and guidance in implementation of the approved strategy.
The incumbent will endeavor to work closely with the School Board to provide expert advice based on experience and propose measures for continuous improvement in the implementation of the strategy.
The incumbent will lead the senior management team in designing plans of action based on the various functions of the management team and provide guidance in their implementation.
The incumbent will be responsible for the growth and development of teaching and non-teaching staff identifying clearly the unique talents of the staff team members and providing guidance in their continued development.
Working closely with the Academic Deans, the incumbent will advise the Board in the design of innovative programs for learning including curricular and extracurricular programs in line with the approved syllabus.
The principal is the chief accounting officer for the realization of the school’s vision and strategy.
As such the incumbent will work with the staff and senior management to aptly account for individual and collective performance towards the set targets within the approved strategy.
To be the public face of Jubilation Schools on a daily basis, demonstrate outstanding teaching skills and managing its daily business and engaging in all activities and elements of school life.
As such the functions of this role are highlighted below;
Academic Supervision (30%):

Academics are the core business of Jubilation Schools.
The Principal is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of performance in academic planning, teaching and learning as well as assessment.
Towards this end, the Principal will;

Work closely with the Academic Dean to effectively plan the annual academic calendar and almanac and submitting the same for approval.
The principal will participate in planning termly, monthly and weekly academic programs.
Lead the development of the curriculum in the context of national legislation and market driven approaches to learning.
Work closely with the Academic Dean and all staff on subject development and coordinate the updating of all schemes of work and planning mechanisms.
Ensure that class arrangements are appropriate, effective and relevant to the approved learning objectives set jointly by the school management team.
Oversee the deployment of staff and pupils to classes in accordance with predetermined learning needs and targets set by the management.
Lead in the assessment of teaching and learning through assessment of lessons preparation, classroom observation and review of assessments to ensure they meet the highest possible standards.
Provide leadership in the identification of the most relevant learning resources including a list of preferred resources in line with the approved learning objectives.
Working closely with the academic dean and class teachers, identify the individual learning needs of the pupils including their unique talents in order to design academic programs that are responsive to the individual needs of the learners.
Lead specific initiatives and coordinate development programmes to ensure the schools promote and achieve the highest standards of teaching and learning.
In conjunction with the Academic Dean in charge of innovations work to support the design of innovative learning programs including the establishment and operation of schools Learning Lab to provide resources for teachers to constantly improve their teaching approaches.
In collaboration with the Academic Dean and the ICT Officer, lead in the integration of technology into the teaching and learning process including identifying the most appropriate technologies, online and offline resources.
In collaboration with the Academic Dean and class teachers identify the most competitive means of assessment for the relevant pupil age group including continuous assessment, monthly, termly and annual assessments.
Track, monitor and evaluate teaching and learning outcomes across Jubilation Schools and implement quality assurance measures.
Lead and closely monitor the implementation of the schools’ admissions policy.
Senior Management Team (20%)

The principal provides leadership to the Senior Management Team (SMT) by rigorously participating in benchmarking and evaluating performance, setting clear expectations of conduct and actively promoting a positive work culture. As such the incumbent will;

Promote and support the vision and direction of Jubilation Schools by working in partnership with the Director and consult as appropriate with Senior Management Team, the staff, the pupils and the parents/guardians to provide the day to day leadership to ensure success and high quality education for its children.
Actively communicate and promote the values and ethos of Jubilation Schools, be an ambassador for the school and promote and raise the school’s profile towards its clientele and the wider community.
Act as a leader and supervisor of all pupils and staff by ensuring they consistently reflect the values and ethos of the school in their daily undertakings.
Actively track, record and report progress against the targets set by the Senior Management Team during quarterly and weekly planning sessions.
Lead on reviewing and providing quality assurance on reporting progress set against the annual, quarterly and weekly performance targets during scheduled Senior Management Team meetings.
People and Talent Management (20%):

Human resources are a key pillar of our performance at Jubilation Schools. The principal is responsible for ensuring that the individual competences and talents of each member of the team are aptly appraised, nurtured and developed to match the performance targets set by the strategy and the annual work plans. The incumbent will work with each member of the team to ensure their continued development to enhance their skills and efficiency. The principal is responsible for ensuring that staff are at all times motivated by creating a positive work culture in which open and transparent communication allows for active engagement and feedback against performance targets. As such the principal will;

Continuously appraise the Human Resources needs of the schools and recommend the most appropriate line of action to the board.
Be responsible for the line management and performance management of specific teams.
Be accountable for the progress that line managed teams make towards meeting the school’s statutory targets and strategic objectives for pupil performance.
Participate in the recruitment and development of teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.
Appraise the current staff skills and articulate areas of strength and gaps for improvement through developing an annual and quarterly training needs assessment.
Build a continuous development program uniquely tailored to individual staff as well as a collective program for key skills development for consideration by the Board.
Identify complimentary attributes of individual team members and propose measure to strengthen an active team culture and collaboration across the entire staff team.
Develop individual annual performance plans for each member of staff under line management and a subsequent performance-monitoring plan.
Recommend to the board measures to be taken to promote staff motivation, skills development and team strengthening.
Lead on personal and professional development across Jubilation Schools by providing training, coaching and mentoring.
Create and implement recording, tracking and monitoring of personal and professional development with impact measured against pupil progress and attainment.
Use external and internal research and development to innovate and improve the teaching practice across the school.
Work closely with the students’ counselor to develop and implement the schools’ formation and career development program based on the individual talents of the pupils and the schools’ value.
Develop a positive culture among pupils of respectful behavior in line with the schools’ value.
Public and Stakeholder Relations (10%)
The Principal is the official representative of the school and is responsible for managing the schools’ relations with relevant stakeholders as well managing existing and prospective clients.
The incumbent bears the schools’ flag in the performance of their duties and is therefore responsible to actively promote the schools image among stakeholders.
As such the incumbent is expected to;

Develop a thorough review of the schools’ stakeholders, the relative influence and relevance on the schools predetermined objectives.
Advise the Board on measures to undertake to enhance stakeholder confidence towards the school including raising the schools image among the public.
Work closely with the schools marketing team to design and implement the schools marketing strategy and annual marketing plan.
Develop and implement a client management strategy taking into account the schools’ admission policy, client expectations vis some vis the schools predetermined objectives.
Maintain at all times cordial and productive relations with clients, members of staff, relevant authorities and partners in line with the vision of the school as prescribed by the board.
Identify relevant local and international partners with whom to collaborate to fulfill the schools’ objectives and make recommendations to the boards for such strategic partnerships.
Manage enquiries from the public and/or relevant stakeholders related to the school’s performance and provide advice on the same to members of staff as well as to the board.
Identify and develop means to enhance participation of the parents in the daily performance of the school including in school events, activities and any other relevant opportunities.
School Principal Job Vacancy at Jubilation Schools Tanzania
Board of Directors (10%)

The principal serves as an ex-officio non-voting member of our School Board. The incumbent is co-opted to provide expert advice to the board and serves as its secretary as assigned periodically by the chair of the Board. In this capacity the incumbent is responsible to;

Serve as the Chief Compliance officer in ensuring the schools at all times are compliant with national, regional, district and any other relevant regulatory requirements.
Participate actively in scheduled and extraordinary Board meetings to provide updates on the schools’ performance and respond to board queries as they arise.
Provide a monthly written update to the board on progress made in implementation of Board resolutions.
Advise the board on the implementation of the Schools’ Strategic plan and any other matter hitherto relevant.
Work closely with the Director in monitoring and tracking of the schools’ performance against the targets set by the Board on an annual and quarterly basis.
Teaching Responsibilities (10%)

The principal is expected to serve as a role model for all the teachers at the school. The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the highest professional standards in the teaching practice in order to inspire others to follow suit. As such while the incumbent is not expected to spend a majority of their time in this function they are expected deliver when the need arises and whenever such undertaking is necessary and relevant to fulfill the schools’ objectives. As a teacher the incumbent is expected to;

Carry out the duties of a general class teacher, including covering for absent teachers.
Maintain high standards of learning and pupil conduct.
Maintain and instill in pupils the ethos, values and overall vision of the school.
Implement school policies and procedures as assigned by the management.
Communicate politely, effectively and appropriately with all stakeholders.
Work closely with the Students’ counselor to actively form the pupils in accordance with the schools’ values.
C: Skills

At least 10 years of proved previous experience in similar role
Exposure on different curriculums (NECTA, CAIE, IB, etc…)
Experience in coaching teachers or managing adults
Excellent communication skills and excellent command of English.
Master’s/Bachelor’s Degree in Education or other related field.
D: Applying Instructions

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their cover letter expressing their interest for the post, updated curriculum vitae, and copies of academic certificates to: before Friday, 21st October 2022.



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