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Movie Review: Black Panther Wakanda Forever will leave your emotions confused

Movie Review: Black Panther Wakanda Forever will leave your emotions confused
 August 2020, the world lost a great humanitarian, performer, and actor, Chadwick Boseman, who passed away from complications from colon cancer. 

Boseman left a huge gap in the lives of those who knew him personally and his fans worldwide who saw him up on the big screen as King T’Challa, ruler of Wakanda Kingdom and the heroic Black Panther.

Honouring him with a sequel, Wakanda is led by Queen Ramonda (Bassett), the late Black Panther T’Challa’s mother, and his sister Shuri (Wright); who figures out her own powers and limitations and does everything possible to fight to protect their nation from intervening world powers like Talokan’s leader Namor (Huerta), a demi-god with wings on his ankles, pointed ears and a bleeding heart for his people.

Here is what Kemi Filani News thinks of Blank Panther: Wakanda Forever
The film is obviously glorious send-off to a true Marvel hero, Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther).

The Black Panther sequel is a film filled with mixed feelings; sadness, love, trust, and vengeance.

In fact, it’s about the heart, mind and what we live for as humans.

It is also a political film that frowns at colonial masters who did more harm than good to the country they colonized, especially the Talokan, which is formed by a people who have been forced undersea in the Mesoamerican area by Spanish conquistadors.

Also, in possession of the much-coveted-of-all mineral Vibranium, like Wakanda, Talokan threatens to be as big a power as its counterpart.

While Wakanda wants the world, which has been eyeing it since Black Panther’s demise, to leave it alone, Talokan wants to go forth and destroy any chance of the world posing a danger.

The film spends genuine time exploring the possibility of peace between people who are pushed to the edges of existence.

Blank Panther: Wakanda Forever also promotes and shines a light on how strong women could be as all the levers of dominance lie in the hands of women.

Anchored by some great acting from all parties concerned, especially Wright, Bassett and Gurira, who played Wakanda’s Overall General Okoye. The action parts of the film are too impressive. It was a wonderful and applaudable performance on the ground or in water, on a ship or in the air. We also like the fact that a Nigerian tribe (Igbo) was duly represented in this creative work of art.

This film will blow your mind away and take you out of your world, but at some point, it became too fictitious with many impossible scenerio.

We are proud of how this particular Sequel is dedicated to the late King T’Challa, but there should have been a time to let go, heal and move to the next level.

Overall, we rate Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 9/10. We assure you that your 4,000 cinema tickets will not be in vain


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