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Fursa Ya Mafunzo Ya Uanagenzi Kwa Vijana

Fursa Ya Mafunzo Ya Uanagenzi Kwa Vijana

Fursa ya mafunzo ya uanagenzi kwa Vijana. The Office of the Prime Minister, Labour, Youth and Employment with Disabilities is implementing a Skills Development Program in the country that aims to enable the National workforce to acquire the necessary skills and work skills to compete in the labor market.

Fursa ya mafunzo ya uanagenzi kwa Vijana

The office has entered into an agreement with 28 colleges to provide training in various fields including: Fashion Design and Tailoring, Plumbing, Masonry, Carpentry, Welding and Joining, Painting and Sign Writing, Mechanical Spare Parts Manufacturing, Tour Guides, Automotive Mechanics and Mechanical, Domestic and Industrial Electrical, IT, Automotive Electrical, and Hotel and Tourism Services.

Therefore, we would like to announce that young Tanzanians between the ages of 15 and 35 who are interested in joining training in one of the fields listed above should come to the colleges specified in this announcement below to take the form to apply for training. The government will fund the training fee at 100 percent. The student / parent / guardian will cover other expenses including the fare to go to college and back home. The training will be full-time, so the applicant is advised to apply for this training in a college located in the Region where he lives.

Applications should be submitted from 27/02/2023 to 10/03/2023 accompanied by the following documents:

i. Training application letter;

ii. Copy of Birth Certificate;

iii. A copy of the certificate of education you have graduated;

iv. Citizenship ID / voter’s card (For those aged 18 and over)


v. Letter of identification from the Local/Village Government Office where the applicant lives; and

v. Four passport photos (three names of the applicant should be written on the back).

 Qualifications for joining the training are:

i. Basic education or more in the fields of fashion design and tailoring,

plumbing, construction, carpentry, welding and metalwork, painting

color and text of symbols;

ii. Form Four education and continuing to other fields

including the field of manufacturing mechanical spare parts, electricity

in homes and industries, IT, and automotive electronics;

iii. Be a Tanzanian;

iv. Be between the ages of 15-35;

v. May he be healthy.

Female Youth and Disabled Youth are encouraged to apply for these opportunities and will be given priority in these training opportunities;



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