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52 BRELA Job Vacancies, April 2023

52 BRELA Job Vacancies, April 2023

BRELA is a Government Executive Agency which was established under the Executive Agencies Act No. 30 of 1997 and published on the 8th October, 1999 through l Government Notice No. 294.

The Agency was officially l inaugurated on the 3rd December 1999 to facilitate orderly conduct of business and provision of business regulatory l services. The major functions of BRELA is to administer various business laws including the Companies Act Cap 212; Business Names Act Cap 213 R.E. 2002; Trade and Service Marks Act Cap 236 R.E 2002; Patents (Registration) Act Cap. 217 R.E. 2002; National Industries Registration and Licensing Act Cap. 46 R.E. 2002 and Business Licensing Act Cap. 208 R.E 2002. In addition, BRELA monitors the registered and licensed entities to ensure legal compliance and handles disputes resolution services in relation to Patents, Trade and Service Marks Registrations and l removal proceedings.

To be a model institution in the region in the provision of the best registration services and the issuance of business licenses. Establishing an enabling environment for business in the country by formalizing l business and protecting intellectual property through registration, licensing and control of business conduct.


On behalf of the organization, PSRS is inviting applications from qualified and competent individuals to apply for new vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE LINKS BELOW:



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