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Yanga New Kit 2022/2023


Yanga New Kit 2022/2023

Yanga today have been able to introduce their new jersey which will be used in the season that will start soon, the jerseys have been shown today for the first time after the 2022/23 season ended and emerged champions of the previous season without being tied or losing any game.

The jerseys will be used in the 2023/24 season in the sense that they have been launched today and will begin to be available in stores that will be announced in a few days.

They are jerseys that look good because they have been able to mix their colors well and also the materials that can be used have been able to give a good appearance. These jerseys will be used in various championships inside and outside the country, because as we know, this season they have been able to get another chance to participate in competitions in Africa with lions, Geita Gold.

Yanga has also been able to make the best recruitment in the last season and this season, although until now we have not been able to see how the new players will be able to perform well in Tanzanian football.

Because their statistics can show that they are players who are at the levels that I needed players like those in order to be able to continue winning many and big titles in the country and abroad.

Yanga New Kit 2022/2023

yanga new kit 2022
Yanga has had strategic plans that they say they want to return their titles that they have been losing against their countryman Simba.

Yanga have been champions many times in our country, no one does not know that they are champions 28 times.

despite the fact that their spokesperson has been locked up, but they have still been able to bring his case to the relevant place because they could not be satisfied with the answers because they see that there is a bias that has been done.

In the last season, it has been a team that has been able to do well, everyone knows that, because of the events they were able to get in all the matches in both rounds, a sufficient sign to show how they had a much better team than any other team.

Because have been able to win their matches and get a draw without losing a single game in the premier league led by their coach who has been able to achieve his plan and system in the 2022/23 season.


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