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Zorani: Simba, We Are Starting A New 2022/2023


Zorani: Simba, We Are Starting A New 2022/2023

The head coach of Simba, Zoran Maki, has told the players that whoever does well will get a chance to play regardless of the size of the names.

 That statement is as if he has announced to them that his team is starting to rebuild under him to regain their supremacy in the Premier League.  This was said by the assistant coach of the team that has camped in Egypt, Seleman Matola, explaining how they are continuing with the preparations.

 Matola said Zoran has been like an experienced coach and a host in the squad because even the teaching philosophy is in line with the club's guidelines.  "The coach has told them (the players) that he will not look at who was there last season and what he did.  The player who performs well will get the chance to play, so everyone is putting themselves forward," said Matola.

 "If you look at the competition within the team, each number has its own person, so it's up to everyone to put in more effort because those who we saw last season didn't get a big chance to play are putting in more effort with the others."

 Regarding the development of the camp, Matola said: "If you look at how we started and how we are continuing, there is a great tradition for the players, we believe the competition will increase."
 Also, the Registration Committee has given us players according to the shortage we had.  It has registered good players, they have been brought in who will actually meet the needs of the Lions," said Matola and that today they will play the third friendly match against Haras El Hodoud. 


 The new defender of Simba, Mohamed Quattara, who is also in the camp, has been seen to be perfect to ensure that when the season starts, he provides the right service to the team, while boasting that the next Simba will be hot.

 He has said that before joining the team for a two-year contract from Al Hilal of Sudan, he knew that Simba has fans who are very shy to make the players get the morale to work well.

Zorani: Simba, We Are Starting A New 2022/2023

 Al Hilal was once invited to play in the Simba Super Cup 2021 and those were the times that gave him a complete picture of what Msimbazi is like.

 "I know it's a big club with high-level players, so I'm prepared to face every competitive challenge to make sure I help the team achieve its goals," he said.

 "I know it has good defenders, although the one I used to know was Pascal Wawa, there is also Inonga (Henoc) whom I have met, so I believe we will do a good job together."

 Quattara, who apart from playing central defender can handle the position of defensive midfielder, said it is interesting to see in Simba the star Ousmane Sakho who took the award for the best goal in Africa.

 "How come Simba has players with great abilities that make me fight there is a high level of competition.  I enjoy being part of the Simba team," he said.


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